Study shows Eternali climate positive

-       Responsible forest management ensures that carbon dioxide continues to be absorbed from the atmosphere while at the same time delivering fossil-free wood to industrial value chains, says Dr. Peter Holmgren, the author of the study and a renowned international expert on forests and climate. He continues:

-       It is the effect from the wood-based value chain where the forest really makes a difference. By replacing fossil-based products and energy, we act on the climate change problem. This is why a a broader view of Eternali´s business is needed.

-       Input for calculations are conservative and there are areas for further improvement as the business develops, depending on choice of clients and the effect of further forest acquisitions. Nevertheless, it´s comforting to see that already this year the study indicates we contribute to a reduction of fossil emissions and are a part of the climate solution, comments Andreas Forssell, CEO of Eternali. 

Study Key findings:

•       The forest itself has a positive but limited impact towards reducing climate change.

•       It is the effect in the value chain where wood-based products and energy makes a larger difference by reducing the need for fossil-based products and energy.

•       Eternali, overall, makes a climate-positive contribution. 

Calculations Overview


Climate effect 2022 tCO2*


Forest carbon storage

-3 500

Net sink unharvested forest

Product carbon storage


No net contribution to HWP protocol

Displacement of fossil fuels

-181 000

Average DF=0.29 tCO2e/m3

Fossil emissions in value chain

54 600

55% from sea freight

Total climate effect

-130 000

Rounded total

* Negative numbers denote a net reduction of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

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