Meet Eternali’s new CEO – Andreas Forssell

With a background in energy and sustainability, Andreas Forssell now assumes the role of CEO. He will help Eternali break new ground in the raw materials sector with a strong ESG focus and sustainable business. Andreas most recently came from a CEO position at the international company Crown Energy, a listed company active in oil exploration and commercial real estate in Africa and the Middle East. He is now ready for new challenges at Eternali.

– I want to spend my coming years building a raw material company with an ESG focus where wood is the sustainable raw material for the future. I also want to be involved in listing Eternali on the stock exchange as it would be a uniquely listed company, says Andreas Forssell.

He believes that what oil was for the 20th century, wood will be for the 21st century.

– It’s an insight that came to me during discussions I had with Eternali. Following a course at Harvard in Sustainable Business Strategy, these insights have been strengthened. I love raw materials, which is why it’s so exciting that we are in the middle of a shift.

Eternali's founder, Marcus Jibreus, believes that Andreas Forssell is perfect for the role and is looking forward to how he will continue to drive the company forward.

– We are highly pleased that Andreas shares our view on sustainable business models for raw materials and focuses on ESG and the global climate goals. In the ongoing shift from fossil to sustainable, wood raw material is a driving force for change. In addition, Andreas brings with him valuable experience in general from raw material-based and international operations, and stock market experience, says Marcus Jibreus.

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