We are Eternali. The sustainable commodity company.

Eternali is positioned to change the market for wood in Europe. The fossil fuel economy is dying. The only substitute available quickly, cheaply, and on a massive scale is based on wood fiber. For materials. For fuel. For energy. We produce fast-growing wood Brazil. The market is vast, and due climate-driven change, it is growing rapidly. We are now making a new share issue to finance our first delivery and take the company on to a listing in 2022.

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ESG-company Eternali to hire Chief Sustainability Officer

For Eternali, the work on environmental, social and governance matters – ESG – is not only a top priority, it´s part of core business. We have put down the strategies and are now looking to hire a Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) whose work spans across the whole ESG spectrum and two continents.

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Eternali signs 13-15MEUR Letter of Intent for acquisition of plantation in Brazil with payment in-kind

Eternali has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) relating to a potential acquisition of a plantation in northern Brazil primarily containing mature and semi-mature tropical hardwood. The deal is valued in the range of 13MEUR to 15MEUR. The LOI terms specify the payment be made in newly issued Eternali shares at 250 SEK per share.

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Andreas Forssell: ”Forest commodities stand strong in a stormy world”

Stock exchanges are stormy. Inflation is not a distant concept, it´s already here. An ongoing war in Europe with the potential for escalation. Energy crisis. Falling share prices. In summary the world is more uncertain than it´s been for decades. So how does all this effect Eternali´s plans? CEO Andreas Forssell tells us more.

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Study shows Eternali climate positive

Eternali has commissioned a study to determine the climate impact of Eternali’s operations, as an enabler of the circular forest bio-economy. The results of the study, spanning Eternali´s business plan and process, indicate Eternali is a climate positive business.  

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Scale-up company Eternali signs 1.7bn SEK Letter of Intent

Eternali has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with the two independent European paper and pulp companies Navigator and Altri regarding delivery of 2.5 million cubic meters of eucalyptus timber for pulp.

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Eternali´s Head of Operations Brazil shows the extreme growth rate of eucalyptus (video)

See a short video clip from Maranhao in Brazil where Gustavo Silveira, the company´s Head of Operations in Brazil and our Chairman, is on-site on an actual plantation.

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Eternali in green growth push - "There is huge demand for our sustainable commodity"

Through investments in fast growing eucalyptus trees, the Swedish forest developer Eternali looks to provide Europe with a sustainable commodity that will be essential to support the ongoing green transition. Eternali is now raising 8 million SEK in a pre-IPO to fund the initial growth stage. The goal is to become a listed multi-billion SEK company.

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Eternali on acquiring natural forest land in Brazil - "A way for us to contribute to biodiversity"

Eternali wants to practice what they preach - to think and act sustainably. Therefore, in addition to its focus on short-rotation forests and certified plantations, the company intends to acquire and own natural forests in Brazil. "It is a way for us to preserve and contribute to biodiversity," says incoming CEO Andreas Forssell.

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Eternalis' land database creates unique competitive advantages

For three to four years, Eternali has built up a unique land database in Brazil. The information will now be used to guide the company correctly in its forest investments and ensure an uncompromising sustainability profile.

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Meet Eternali’s new CEO – Andreas Forssell

With a strong interest in sustainability and over 20 years of experience in various senior management positions, Eternali welcomes Andreas Forsell as the company’s new CEO.

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